What does it mean to make a pledge?

When you make a pledge you are agreeing to do something for the benefit of your community in honour of the sacrifices made and service given during WW1 across all society in the UK and beyond. You can pledge just for yourself or on behalf of a group, for example if you are part of a team or if you hold an event. You may already have done the activity or organised the event, or you could be planning to.

There is no financial obligation

Remember WW1 is not a fundraising organisation and we do not accept donations. Being part of Remember WW1 is free, as is the use of our materials for non-commercial purposes. If, however, you want to raise money or donate to a charity that you care about then please do, and make use of the Remember WW1 tools available for your fundraising efforts, such as the logo and poster template.

You can join an activity

We will highlight opportunities to get involved in volunteering activities, both through formal organisations and by promoting more local opportunities via social media.

You can create your own activity

You can use the Remember WW1 logo and branded materials to help organise and advertise your non-commercial event, and to promote your activities via online and offline media.

Help us inspire others by sharing your experiences

Let us know what you have done or are planning to do, so that others can see and be inspired through our newsletter, news articles, and social media. You can spread the word by using the Remember WW1 logo and templates to contact local media, or to talk about what you have done or plan to do on social and online media like Facebook and Twitter.

Personal information

Your details will not be shared with any third parties without prior consent. Those that sign up to the newsletter will receive regular updates from us on activities going on around the country, and you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time. Those that pledge will be asked to confirm their pledge via an online link sent to the email address provided. We will also contact you to thank you for your pledge, and may occasionally contact you about specific campaign developments. Remember WW1 would also like to invite feedback from those who have pledged their time in active commemoration, and will primarily do so via email or online survey requests.

Images and sound

Any images Remember WW1 uses in official promotional materials will have prior permission. If you wish to share your images or sound online, Remember WW1 reserves the right to promote this material without changing the context or content.

Using the Remember WW1 brand

Please see the brand guidelines for all terms under which the logo and associated materials may be used.