WW1 affected every aspect of everyone's lives 100 years ago, so commemorating it could take any form. Do you want to do something, but you haven't done it yet? Whether you know what you want to do or not, we can help with ideas and inspiration as well as tools to get you going.

We have plenty of suggestions, from joining up with charities and voluntary organisations to things you can do yourself. Don't forget to get others involved, and tell us what you get up to so others can be inspired too!

You can use our tools & templates to help you along the way. Don't forget to pledge it, and tell us what you're up to. 

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David Cameron, Prime Minister  "Self-sacrifice is a great tradition of this country... In giving up our own time, we can reflect upon just how much that generation gave up, 100 years ago." 

If you've already taken part in community, voluntary or commemorative activities that are your mark of commemoration to the centenary - well done! - and there are still things you can do.